A Colossal Mess…

StudioBeadingTableNo, this is not the aftermath of a huge blowout bead store sale! It is the space with which I share polymer clay and metal clay work. At present, my Delica beads have run amuck and taken over the entire surface, as you can plainly see! A riot of tubes filled with colorful beads in every shade under the sun had claimed the space.  Should I happen to get a commission for a piece made with metal or polymer, it will take a full day or two just to clean up this jumbled disarray!  Thankfully, the only commissions I have at the moment involve sheet metals, which are done in the adjoining room on my equally messy workbench! For the present however, I’m working in this multi-purpose room, beading away to my heart’s content and working on a series of geometric beads – components that will combine with silver wire to become earrings.  I’ll have a good-sized collection to show you in a few days!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “A Colossal Mess…”

  1. Barbara,

    I’m glad to see someone else’s work area looks much like mine (only your is STILL neater than mine). It’s a shame too – I have two very nice sized cabinets that will hold every bead I own (which is considerable collection) and then some. Maybe I should contract a teenager to come sort them, catalog them and put them in a reasonable order! My idea to clean them up is rake them all en masse off the desk and into a storage container :/

    Goodie! Looking forward to seeing the new works 🙂 Always a wonderful surprise!


  2. These all fit into a cabinet as well, but when I’m beading, they all come out and feed my color creativity with options as I go along.

  3. what a lovely mess. I could look at those colors all day long.

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