More Delica Beads Are On The Way!

DelicaBeads_01-13orderOne hundred seventy-six tubes of one hundred colors to be exact will arrive by the end of the week – that’s 1,320 grams, which is almost three pounds of beads! Add that to my present stash of Delicas, seed and novelty beads, polymer clay, jewelry making equipment, and OMG! – if I ever have to move again, it will be a major undertaking requiring months upon months to pack!  When we moved from our previous home it took months to pack everything including household goods, although I must admit that I was at a severe disadvantage packing with one hand only.  My right hand was in a cast because I’d had reconstructive surgery – the tendon affecting my thumb had been severed due to a cat bite and yes, I’m right-handed!  That was the kind of move I hope never to repeat! Perish the thought!  Back to the beads – many of the Delicas I’ve ordered will be made up into kits for the “Sea Dragon” wrist wrap, which will be available in my Etsy shop on April 1.  Presently, I’m working on a variation of the Sea Dragon and will include those directions in the same pattern.  I’ll  post a photo of the variation as I get further along! 

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 10, 2013.

5 Responses to “More Delica Beads Are On The Way!”

  1. Barbara: I would love to pre-order a Sea Dragon kit. Would that be possible? I don’t mind waiting until you are ready to put it out.
    Thank you, Verda


  2. I am now accepting Pre-Orders for the “Sea Dragon” beading kit. Anyone who would like to get in queue for the April 1 shipping date can email me at


  3. Thanks!


  4. hello. where do you order your nice bead tubes from?? I love your work it is so inspiring!!!


    • Thank you! When I order from sources such as Artbeads and Fusionbeads the beads are packaged in tiny polyurethane bags and I usually store them in mini tins. The beads shown here actually came pre-packaged this way. These are from Firemountaingems.


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