The Mail Finally Came Through…

CGB_TreasureBoxAnd what goodies the postman brought.  Long anticipated and eagerly awaited, my copy of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork has arrived along with the Treasure Box that I ordered from Kate.  I’m so excited about both!  CGB is a delight to behold!   With spiral binding and two hundred and forty-two glossy pages, it is  portable eye candy that I can tuck in my bag and flip open at a moment’s notice.  I wish all books of this sort came with spiral binding because they are far easier to deal with when following directions and take up less space at the beading table!  Now on to the wonderfully wacky faux fur-lined Treasure Box…besides the swag of Delica beads and a novel banana eraser, there is a beautiful dendrite cabochon and the cutest little kinetic crab with movable claws, also a superb raven’s head bead hand-carved from horn, and a magnificent strand of onion-cut faceted garnets, all of which I will put to good use.  I have some ideas for working the raven’s head into a beaded necklace and the tiny garnets will be perfect dangling at the bottom of beaded earrings.  I can’t wait to start playing with all my new goodies!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 18, 2013.

4 Responses to “The Mail Finally Came Through…”

  1. Thanks, Barbara! The spiral binding is such a concept… oddly it costs as much (or more) than a perfect binding, than a hardback… but many authors and publishers feel that it somehow cheapens the book to make it useful. It’s just not what they do, and of course, most of them are mass-printed in China anyway, and spirals take up more room in boxes on container ships. This being a labour of love, it was an easy decision to make.


    • I’m so glad I ordered two copies…one is in my studio, the other on my bedside table, which I read before nodding off in hopes that visions of beaded delights will dance in my head through the night!


  2. I was expecting my copy yesterday, too. Amid weather alerts from our local TV station, I ran outside to bring my car into the garage, and saw the mail truck at the end of the drive. Dodging fat raindrops, I dashed to the mailbox. Didn’t quite beat the hail back to the house, but it was there! I’m already looking at my delicas differently!


    • I was so relieved to find my package waiting for me after three days of hoping it had arrived and not finding it in the mailbox. Our mail delivery is iffy at best and I was afraid my books had been routed to Timbuktu!


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