I’m still at it and…

SeaDragonWristWrap_Variation_InProgressThis earth-toned Variation of the Sea Dragon wrist wrap is coming along nicely (albeit, each row for a piece of this length is taking almost two hours)! Inspired by the Sea Serpent in CGB, I’m taking photos and writing instructions as I work. This rendition has spines extending to points at either end rather than the squared ends of the original Sea Dragon, which was created in Jungle (a blend of green and teal shades) and whereas the original version has a very smooth foundation band, I’ll be doing a somewhat embellished treatment on the foundation band of the Sea Dragon Variation.  The directions for this piece will be included in the original Sea Dragon tutorial due to start shipping on April 1. Please email me if you are interested in pre-ordering the instructions or kit.  The kit (containing over 60 grams of color coordinated beads!) is available in several combinations:  Jungle (greens/teal), Ocean, (blues/greens/purples), Earth (orange/pinks/golds/browns), Desert (beige/off-white/browns/black) or request your favorite colors and I’ll put together a custom kit especially for you! Be sure to include a note letting me know the colors you would like if you choose Custom Request.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 20, 2013.

6 Responses to “I’m still at it and…”

  1. Hey Barbara! I love the subtle colors in this! Question: Are you mixing Toho and miyuki beads, or is it an optical illusion that some some of them look larger than others?


  2. Barbara this is turiing out to be gorgeous, your colors are so very breautiful,
    I am still waiting for my book, I can’t wait any more.
    Keep up the stunning work.


    • Thank you, Christina! I hope your book arrives soon. I was so eager for my book to arrive that I downloaded all the chapters to my laptops reading list. It’s not the same as physically holding a book in one’s hand, but it has the added advantage of enlarging a page so I can make everything larger than life when I want to see a beaded piece really closeup!


  3. Argh, still waiting for mine too. I’m getting impatient. I’ve been seeing these things posted all over Kate’s blog, and I’ve been holding out for the printed version. I’m like you, an e-book is convenient, but it just isn’t the same as paper.


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