Aside from jewelry, fashion has always been my passion…

UnknownFrom the time I was able to dress myself, I was aware of what colors went well together and how proportion determined a “look”.  With my first issue of Seventeen magazine at the tender age of twelve, I wanted to be a model so I could wear all those heavenly clothes and I did model for a while…at least until my growth stopped short (no pun intended) at 5′ 2″.  No high-fashion modeling for me!  But I was the perfect size for commercial modeling because I could make a refrigerator and other appliances look larger than life!  I still subscribe to Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle, even though I wouldn’t dream of wearing most of what is shown on those lithe six-foot beauties who are able to pull off even the most bizarre designs. One thing I always get a kick out of is the “What’s In” and What’s Out” sections.  Here’s what is presently deemed as “Out” according to the April issue of Bazaar:  1.  Teardrop earrings (can you imagine!  They are classics and I love teardrop earrings!), 2.  Ornate bib necklaces (tell that to a Bead Dreams entrant and you will be met with a great deal of disapproval), 3. Patent leather clutches (I have several and have no intention of retiring them), 4. Platform heels (I don’t wear heels anymore, but I do wear platforms – remember, I’m 5′ 2″ and need all the height I can get!), 5. Bakelite bangles (are they nuts? Bakelite is so cool!),  6.  Multicolored stone rings (get real!), 7. Loop-toe sandals (get real, again!),  8. Bucket bags (well, I don’t own any and that style has never appealed to me).  What I’d like to know is who makes up these lists anyway?

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 6, 2013.

4 Responses to “Aside from jewelry, fashion has always been my passion…”

  1. Wow. I must be so ‘out’ then. I love all of these, I don’t wear heels or wedges, but something’s just don’t go out of style. Like those teardrop earrings. I spose fashion only exists for the rich and famous, or at least the rich, not those who wear what they like or what actually looks good.


  2. Jennifer, I have clothes in my closet from thirty years ago!


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