Another order of Delica beads has arrived…

DelicaBeadXmasSelectionNine pounds of Delicas and over one hundred colors to be exact – that’s a lot of beads! It took three hours to unpack and I’m presently considering my storage options. Clearing out a drawer and dedicating it solely to Delica beads seems to be a wise choice. Placing the tubes in color designated boxes and storing them upside down so I can view the actual colors showing through the bottoms of each clear plastic tube should keep chaos at bay. I’ve ordered a lot of hexagonally cut beads this time around as I prefer using them when stitching the vertical spines that separate Winged sections in my geometric beading. The order is filled with beads in every finish – matte, metallic, color-lined, AB, silk, lustrous, and rainbow. The greens and earth tones that are used in the Sea Dragon wrist wrap kits were in serious need of replenishing.  With each kit containing over sixty grams and twenty or more colors of beads, my stock had rapidly depleted. The third sea dragon rendition that I’m presently working on is devouring Delicas in a myriad of blues and the next project I have planned after that will use a lot of ivory, black, rust, brown, and grey so I’ve stocked up on those colors as well.  I’m hoping this order will hold me for a while or at least until all the kit orders are filled!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 23, 2013.

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