Creating tutorials is hard work!

Polymer Clay - Potpourri Bracelet Pattern - Etsy copyI wish there were some magic way for creating tutorials – some wonderful software program that one just plugged info into and the directions would appear! Unfortunately there is no such thing and writing a tutorial takes a lot of time and effort.There are all kinds of tutorials and sometimes the quality is wonderful with easy to understand directions, illustrations, and/or photos. There are unfortunately some that are of poor quality with literally no visuals. My brain has a difficult time deciphering instructions that only contain words…in my case, a picture is worth a thousand words! I need good visuals, which is why I’m really particular about taking closeup step-by-step photos for the patterns I design. I recently received an inquiry from another beader asking for advice regarding how one goes about creating a tutorial. I can’t speak for other designers, but this is what I do…I start with a design idea and select a palette of beads suitable for the project. Then I get to work and after I have completed the first few stitches, I take a photo and write notes pertaining to the step I’ve just completed. I crop and edit the photo to its best advantage and then I type the directions for that step from the notes I’ve made. I do this with each step of a design. There are often twenty or more steps in my beading designs – the more complicated the design, the more steps that are entailed to complete a project. It’s a lengthy process for me, which is why in the last three years I have thus far produced only twenty beading tutorials, all of which are available in my Etsy shop. Up until recently, I’ve only sold hard copies of the patterns, but now I offer digital tutorials, which save a great deal of time because the purchaser can immediately download the tutorial rather than wait for mail delivery.  It also lowers the cost of a pattern considerably because it saves on ink, paper, and wear and tear on my printer. Beading and jewelry kits that I offer in my Etsy shop do contain hard copies and those who prefer to receive a printed pattern are welcome to contact me. Feedback left for me on Etsy has, thankfully, been very positive and comments posted state time and again; “easy to understand and great visuals”. I must be doing something right!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Creating tutorials is hard work!”

  1. The tutorials that you write are mind-boggling…I am in awe with how you keep track of everything. Besides graphing out the project…Colors, amounts of beads, number of stitches…and on and on. AND then everything comes out perfectly!


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