Flight of Fancy!

LochNessSeaDragon3_CollarMemory wire is made of steel. The beauty of memory wire is its flexibility and ability to return to its original shape.  It comes in several sizes: ring, small bracelet (1.75″), bracelet 2.25″), and necklace. I do wish it came in a 2″ size as well for those of us with wrists that fall somewhat in between. I used the 2.25″ bracelet wire for this wrist wrap, but the wire when stretched allows one to wear a braLochNessSeaDragon3_Etsycelet as a neck wrap. It’s like having two pieces of jewelry, giving it a great deal of fashion mileage. I suppose one might even wear it as a fanciful tiara or headband as well! Whether worn as a bracelet or choker, or any other type of adornment, I really love how etherial this piece looks! Titled “Loch Ness Sea Dragon III“, it is my third geometrically beaded wrist wrap (inspired by the Sea Serpent in Kate McKinnon’s book, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork) and it is loaded with texture – seventy mini Horns protrude from ten Winged sections. It’s not a piece for everyday wear, but if worn to a party or gallery opening, it would certainly “steal the show”!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on May 14, 2013.

5 Responses to “Flight of Fancy!”

  1. Yowza! Barbara I am all agog; she’s beautiful!


  2. I immediately thought of dragons when I saw this in my newsfeed! It’s gorgeous, I can only hope to one day be as skilled as you!


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