Spinner Ring Redux!

SpinnerRingThis is the spinner ring that I made in Robyn Cornelius’s class at Bead & Button. The ring is made of silver and the interior spinning rings are silver and copper.  It’s a rather wide band and I liked the looks of it, but it was just a bit too wide for me. So when I returned to my studio and had my favorite tools available, I sawed the ring in half, making one side just a bit wider than the other. After annealing the rings to soften the metal, I sawed additional tiny notches and flared the edges, reshaping them with dies and adding more texture using my lovely little Fretz jeweler’s hammers. Liver of sulfur was used to darken the metal and then they were tumbled for a bit of extra shine.  I used a radial disk brush on the interior surface of the rings to achieve a contrast in finish and color.
And Voila…I now have two spinner rings, which are amazingly  comfortable to wear!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on June 11, 2013.

6 Responses to “Spinner Ring Redux!”

  1. Brilliant! I actually love both versions. I like the added details you incorporated making them look like relics.
    In hindsight, wish I had signed up for one of Robyn’s classes – next year, for sure.


  2. Argh! You cut it in half!! I’m torn now, I love both versions. The wide ring is gorgeous, but then the two smaller ones are just as cool and very funky.


  3. Great idea! I love the results!!


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