After contemplating this design for several months…

SafariCuff_InProgressAt long last, I’m finally working on a ZigZag cuff!  I’ve wanted to make one ever since I first saw the amazing cuffs in CGB. This is an ambitious project! I’ve spent countless hours figuring out the sizing and, not content to simply work rows of lovely colors, I’ve been planning a cuff that will feature patterns in animal prints. I’ve been creating and revising patterned color charts until I can hardly see straight and after all this, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to go about this project is to just bead and design the animal print pattern by eye as I go along. I’ve abandoned my preconceived notion of what the finished piece will look like and am instead starting with blank graph paper and filling in the colors I use upon completion of each row. Of course, I’m also writing pattern directions as I go along so this is definitely not one of those speedy “sit down and crank out a cuff in a day or two” projects! I do think the finished product will be well worth the time and effort I’m expending…at least I hope so!        

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on June 20, 2013.

4 Responses to “After contemplating this design for several months…”

  1. Barbara I’m sure it will be beautiful; your creations always are! I look forward to seeing the completed project (you should make us guess which animals they are).


  2. Thank you, Stephanie! I’m rather excited about this project…I think it will be quite interesting and I’m planning a surprise finish for it!


  3. The creative process is so much fun! I also use graph paper, and colored pencils for beadwork designs. More often than not, I am just recording rather than designing. I made some “cut and paste” (literally) graph paper for zig-zag cuffs. I’ll admit that sometimes, creating graph paper and coloring in the little squares is the most fun! The “process ” is what I love! Ending up with a “product” is just an additional benefit.


    • I must admit that I really do love designing patternwork and playing with the colors. And because I sell tutorials, it’s essential that I create charts that are easy to follow. Most often I will work up the chart after I have finished the beadwork, because so often the design will change and deviate from my original idea.


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