The chart is finished and…


As I mentioned in my last post, end product charts are usually far different from the initial ideas I experiment with. This design has become an abstract Parrot Fish comprised of ten sections, half of which depict a portion of the head and eye of the fish while the other half transition into scales. Beading this cuff will keep my brain firing at full-speed as there is a lot of color and pattern work going on!  There are eight predominant colors, each composed of three different shades, which adds up to twenty-four different hues and finishes of Delica beads. Like the difference between a scent composed of a single note and one that is composed of several different flowers or spices, I find this color technique gives much more depth and interest than a single color does. To make the project even more challenging, I’ve chosen to work the ten patterned sections of this cuff in different combinations of the above mentioned colors. I’ve found that following a chart is far easier if I insert a space between every two rows, which I will do from now on when I create pattern charts. Of course, one can simplify by choosing to work the cuff in just one set of color combinations and repeating that section. Either way, like a puzzle that is begging to be solved, this project will not become monotonous as there is so much going on in it.  Can you believe, I’m already thinking about a design for my next geometric ZigZag cuff! Thank you CGB for all the inspiration flooding my beading world! Keep an eye open for this kit and pattern, which will be listed in my Etsy shop sometime in  August!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on July 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “The chart is finished and…”

  1. Your newest design is wonderful! I love the colors. Can’t wait for the kit.


  2. Holy Moly! It’s mind-boggling how you come up with these beauties.


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