Adieu my lovelies!


Albeit for a brief period – these pieces are on their way to Kate McKinnon. She’ll take photos of them for Contemporary Geometric Beadwork – Volume II.  I’m going to miss them even if only for a short time.  The Sea Dragon Variation and Loch Ness Sea Dragon III have adorned my wrist and neck at gallery openings and dinners out. They always receive compliments and encourage stimulating conversation. I’ve enjoyed wearing my Creative Components Wrap when my hair is up and the neck wrap is the center of attention. And my Azteca bangle really adds a pop of bright color when I’m wearing clothing from my neutral wardrobe. But the piece I will miss the most is my Safari Cuff, which I have worn almost every day since it parted with needle and thread. Not only is the ZigZag design eye-catching, it is so comfortable to wear! Because it sits close to the wrist and doesn’t project outwards as do Wings and Horns, I find it easy to wear while I type. I can also slip on a sweater or coat without having to remove it. I like this design so well that I’m in the midst of creating another ZigZag cuff design! Except for the Azteca cuff, you can find tutorials and beading kits for all of the above pieces in my Etsy shop.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 2, 2013.

12 Responses to “Adieu my lovelies!”

  1. They are amazing, you are so talented.


  2. The bracelets show mastery of design and technique and are, in a word, incredible! Congratulations!!!!


  3. These are all just so beautiful. I’m sure Kate will have fun photographing them. I especially love the animal print – the “Zoo”.


  4. so
    amazing,you are so talentfull


  5. Your work is so admirable, I am not surprised at all that each time you go out, they become conversation pieces!


  6. Oh My Gawd!!! Just fantastic….First the style and then a design as well in the technique…….Really great!!!


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