Slowly, but surely….

ParrotFishCuff_CompletedChartRowsI’m making progress on my geometric ZigZag design (inspired by the RickRack section of CGB). Writing the step-by-step directions and taking process photos along the way takes a lot of time that I’d normally spend just beading, but in the long run, it’s time well spent as it serves as a permanent record of the process should I wish to repeat the cuff.  It also allows me to share my designs with others via my Etsy shop. I’m so pleased with the colors of my Parrot Fish Cuff! It’s like an abstract painting and reminds me of the many colors I’ve seen while Scuba diving in tropical locales. I’m eager to start the next phase of this design, which will most likely sport several sets of fin-like Wings. I haven’t quite worked out that portion of the design, but I must say that thinking about it is keeping me from drifting off into gentle slumber. When my head hits the pillow, my brain starts going into design mode and some nights it’s very difficult to shut it down and get a restful night’s sleep! 

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 17, 2013.

4 Responses to “Slowly, but surely….”

  1. Looks fabulous Barbara.


  2. I like your blog. Hope to jump into this technique myself soon…a bit afraid though…


    • Nothing to be afraid of, Sue…the only thing you can lose is time. I’ve torn out countless beading projects due to mistakes or because I didn’t like the piece as it progressed. I always look at every failure as a learning experience and an opportunity to get it right the next time!


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