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Ancient Egyptians pierced their ears in an attempt to ward off evil demons. That’s an interesting concept. When I was in high school, I pierced my ears because it seemed like a nifty thing to do and several of my classmates had pierced their ears. I bought tiny self-piercing hoops made of 14k gold wire. Each earring had a sharp point on one end that would gradually work the earring through the ear lobe. It took about a week for one earring to work its way through. The other was so close to being through that I let a girlfriend finish the job by forcing the barbed end of the wire through my ear. This fiasco ended badly as the wire made a second hole at the back of my ear, which of course, changed forever the position in which an earring would hang.  It’s unnoticeable to all except myself, but I do sometimes have to adjust an ear wire so my earrings will hang facing the same direction! The above triangle drop earrings (inspired by Triangles in CGB) were created with 11/0 Delica beads and 15/0 seed bead accents,  They are lightweight and great fun to wear!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 5, 2013.

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