One of my B-Day presents was a wide-angle lens and…


That was incentive enough to clean up my beading table so I could take a photo and experiment with the lens. When I’m immersed in a project or have several going at the same time, my workspace can become utter chaos. This table also serves as the packing area when I have kits and patterns to send off. So I’ve spent some time putting everything back in order. All beads are back in their respective containers and tubes and tucked away in cabinets along with other bead-related stash. As you can tell from these photos, it is far neater than the workbench in my metals studio at the moment!


The question is how long will my studio look this neat and tidy! From previous experience I can tell you that it won’t be long before the table is covered in jars, tubes, and trays spewing with beads once again! I guess I should invite company before this happens! Incidentally, the wall of yarn is filled with stock from Fibre Ltd., a weaving studio and yarn shop I had years ago. I don’t have much time for fiber work these days, but I love looking at all the colors and textures…of course it is taking up valuable space where I could be storing beads!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 1, 2013.

6 Responses to “One of my B-Day presents was a wide-angle lens and…”

  1. I can relate to your metals studio…when I’m working, the only part of the floor that is off-limits is the dog bed at my feet 🙂


    • No kidding! Usually the only impetus for cleaning the studio is because we have company coming or I can’t find anything for all the clutter. It’s tough trying to be neat when one is so busy creating!


      • Guilty little secret – I clean up before the housecleaners come by – so my studio is clean at least twice a month 🙂 (Doesn’t everyone clean up for the housecleaners?)


      • I must admit that I don’t clean a thing before our cleaning gal comes by. She knows not to touch anything in the studios except the floors. So whatever mess I make is totally my responsibility!


  2. Wow! What a space! Great b-day present!


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