A basket filled with luscious color!


More Delicas have arrived!  I can’t keep enough of these in beauties in stock! Many colors were all but depleted after assembling beading kits for several of my recent designs. The “Empress Ming Cuff” uses tons of opaque black and the “Parrot Fish Cuff” is composed of no less than twenty-four brilliant colors!  In anticipation of requests for the “Mermaid Cuff”, shown in progress at the upper left of this photo, I’ve ordered a lot of beads in shades of green, blue, and lavender. Until I can find time to tidy up the drawer that houses my Delica stash and make room for the additional beads, I’ll just enjoy the delectable “eye candy” arranged in this basket!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on December 12, 2013.

6 Responses to “A basket filled with luscious color!”

  1. Who wouldn’t want to dive into that basket?


  2. Barabara, I’m sure you have wholesale privileges somewhere, but wouldn;t it be less expensive to buy seeds in bulk from Caravan Beads of Maine by setting up a wholesale acct? Buying them in tubes has got to be much more expensive. They are the Miyuki distributors for North America. So Tohos come from other distributors. They sell in kgs and 1/2 kgs. as well as tubes.
    just a thought–forget it if you have a relationship that works financially.
    Love your work and blog!


    • I haven’t ordered from Caravan in quite some time, but I do prefer tubes over 50 or 100 gram bags of beads. Tubes are easier for me to store (no big clunky jars filled with beads!) and I will be using the empty tubes to package Delica Colourways Blends kits, which I’ll have in my Etsy shop after the rush of the holidays is over!


  3. My gosh, that’s heaven in a basket right there!


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