It’s getting down to the wire…

BeadAndButtonShow_Catalog2014I’ve been perusing the Bead&Button Show catalog since it arrived in early December and I still haven’t decided which classes to take! It becomes more of a dilemma every year. As much as I would love to learn to make glass beads, I don’t have enough time or studio space to add another craft to my repertoire. I don’t take beading classes because I never finish the projects I start in a class. Besides, I truly enjoy creating my own beading designs and tutorials. Aside from that, it seems the majority of classes are for beginning or all levels of experience, which is not enough of a challenge for me. I’ve been doing metalwork for twenty-five years and beading for approximately seven years and my level of skill has surpassed many of the classes that are offered. In addition, I have been blessed with the ability to just look at a piece and I can often figure out how it is made, which negates taking the class. And it frequently happens that the classes I would like to take are always scheduled at conflicting times for my schedule. It  may happen that this year I will attend for just a few days and do nothing but shop the floor show and catch up with friends I only see when I’m in Milwaukee! Truth be told, if I plan to take a class or several, I’d better make up my mind soon…class registration opens today!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 7, 2014.

4 Responses to “It’s getting down to the wire…”

  1. I feel so much the same way! Actually I haven’t taken a class there for a couple of years now and I miss the excitement but don’t want to pay the money for what I can figure out myself or already know. I, too, have too many techniques and media that i want to explore further and can’t fit in right now. Let’s try to meet up this year though!


  2. I say, skip the classes and shop shop shop. And socialise 🙂


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