Slip-on or Clasp?

MermaidCuff_ModeledIt’s a matter of personal preference, I think. Because I dislike fiddling with buttons, snaps, and clasps, I tend to create cuffs that slip over my hand.  Granted, a slip-on cuff must be somewhat snug going over the hand in order for it to sit properly on the wrist without being too loose, but I’d rather spend an extra moment inching a cuff over the widest portion of my hand than fumbling with buttons. I don’t use snaps because I’m not fond of having one end of the cuff overlapping the other. And my experience with toggles is that they often gradually creep to top of my wrist after a short period of wear. I do use a toggle closure or button now and then and when I do, I make certain it can stand on its own as a focal piece. In the case of a cuff that has a great deal of embellishment with extended wings and horns (inspired by CGB) surrounding the circumference such as my “Mermaid Cuff” shown above, I don’t want to spoil the fluidity of the design. I love that it is endless!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 24, 2014.

5 Responses to “Slip-on or Clasp?”

  1. But you forgot the other choice, the genius removable clasp! That one neither overlaps or creepsI can’t stick a photo in your blog, but here is a link:


    • Kate, you’re right! I totally forgot about that option, which is strange because I have entertained the idea of making such a clasp. And here I am with twenty-four years of metalsmithing experience plus a studio filled with materials for creating clasps! I should definitely create a design that utilizes that option! I guess it just boils down to this….so many ideas, so many beads, and so little time to do it all!


  2. Gorgeous piece love your color choice too!


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