The third time’s the charm…

FloralBrooch_TigerLily_Cropped I’ve just finished my third Floral Brooch, which I’ve titled “Tiger Lily”. You’ll notice that the petals are more curved than those in my “Blue Dahlia” brooch. Both finished brooches (inspired by CGB) were treated in the same manner…I dipped each in acrylic floor finish. I find that the acrylic finish provides durability to beadwork that might otherwise sag or lose shape. After dipping the brooch, I place it in a ceramic bowl, shape the petals, and then allow the brooch to dry throughly. The curved bottom of the bowl imparts a gentle arc to the petals, which I prefer over a flat surface. FloralBrooch_BlueDahlia_Cropped I shaped the petals of the “Blue Dahlia” symmetrically, but when arranging the petals of the “Tiger Lily” brooch, I decided to twist the petal tips just a bit, each in the same direction. I like how that technique gave a bit of a pinwheel effect! I’m just putting the finishing touches on my “Floral Brooch” tutorial and will have it listed in my Etsy shop later today with beading kits to follow!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 14, 2014.

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