Closer than close!


Hurray…the tutorial for the “Floral Brooch” is finished! I’m always so relieved when all the proofreading is done. Now comes what I consider the most tedious and time-consuming job entailed in the creation of a new design and that is assembling beading kits! The labels are printed and affixed to tiny plastic bags and now I’m weighing and counting beads. This kit is especially labor intensive because I’m offering the brooch design in three colourways plus the custom color request option for those who prefer different colors. Each colourway consists of twenty-three different colors of Delica, seed, Magatama, and drop beads, (twenty-four for the “Tiger Lily” colourway), which translates to seventy colors when assembling all three kits at the same time! I somehow always get carried away with color when I design…I love how the rich blends of various shades and tones play off one another. I tend to forget how much work is involved in putting a kit together. Where are my studio Elves! Here you see the assemblage of four beading kits in progress. I should have them in my Etsy shop by tomorrow.


For those interested in just the “Floral Brooch” tutorial, it is listed in my Etsy shop now!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 16, 2014.

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