Oh….I love this cuff!

 The “Fantasy Floral” Cuff is now gracing my wrist and I am utterly taken with it!  The winged petals are accented with tiny horned pods and the versatile guide row (see Kate’s video to learn this technique) allowed me to create an over-skirt culminating in clusters of tiny Magatama “seeds” accented with a lustrous Swarovski cyclamen opal crystal. The colors are breathtaking…thirty-three different colors were used! Needless to say, the kit will be a challenge to assemble, but kits and tutorials will be available in my Etsy shop later this week. I’ll let you know as soon as they are listed!






~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on June 15, 2014.

8 Responses to “Oh….I love this cuff!”

  1. This is fabulous, Barbara!! I loved the colors when you were making it and now the finished bracelet is just fantastic! I love the crystals!


  2. Oh, my what a cuff! Must you continue to be soooo creative! I must have it! Cappy


  3. It’s very Jane of the Jungle. I love your work, your way with colours and patterns is so unique.


  4. I’ love a kit! Or at least a tutorial.
    Kathy Young


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