It isn’t easy!


We have now had Jackson and Cooper one week and they are amazing and wonderful and we love them madly! Whether animal or human, one just never quite knows how a new addition(s) to the family will be accepted. We are still in the learning phase. Peekaboo is not thrilled and gave us the “cold shoulder” for four days as if to say, “Talk to the paw…maybe it will listen!” She would turn her head away if I came near or tried to pet her. She basically pouted and sulked…her sweet kitty smile replaced by a frown and scowl. Peek has not had direct contact with the kittens yet. Last night they were playing in their room (a small room off the loft that has glass doors) and Peekaboo and I were on the bed and she was looking in the direction of the kitten’s room so I picked her up and started to carry her toward the glass doors thinking perhaps they could look at one another. Stupid me! What happened…a lot of hissing, growling, and having Peek’s hind claws dig into my forearm resulting in three punctures. I won’t be trying that again anytime soon! This morning Peek jumped off the bed and stopped at the bedroom door looking in the direction of the kitten’s room most likely hoping that they had magically disappeared overnight! Then with tail at half mast and body lowered to the ground, she slunk down the stairs to my studio distancing herself as far as she could from the “intruders”.  Sigh……
Queen Peekaboo has just recently started to warm up to us again and will now let us pet and brush her. A soft purr is slowly returning although she is not yet giving reciprocal head butts freely! We will not let Jackson and Cooper roam freely until we are confident that Peekaboo will tolerate them. Fortunately, they are still small enough to be totally content in their room. They don’t really need us for entertainment…they are too busy exploring, romping, and entertaining themselves! A friend told us that it took one of her cats a month to accept their new kitten. If that’s the case here, we have three weeks to go and hopefully, it won’t take longer! In the meantime…am I getting much beadwork done? Aside from filling orders for kits and components, I have to say no. Hopefully life will resume a normal pace soon and cats and humans will live happily ever after!



~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 8, 2014.

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