More Storage…


If you look around, it’s amazing how many wonderful boxes, tins, and cans are available for storage! I rummaged through our pantry yesterday and came across quite a few containers I could use for storing craft supplies, found objects, and beads. For instance, I found several tea tins in small and large sizes. The beauties shown in the photo are from the “The Great Galena Peddlery” where I have purchased delicious flavored Russian Kusmi Tea time and again. Tiny tins like the Newman’s Own Organics in the forefront had originally contained ginger flavored mints, but now holds small collections of my polymer clay bead/buttons that I use in bead embroidery projects. The box in which I’ve stored bricks of polymer clay originally contained two bottles of Mouton-Cadet Bordeaux that had been given to us as a Christmas gift. More wooden cigar boxes came in handy for storing the “Now That’s A Jig” paraphilia and accoutrements that I keep collecting. I love the way everything looks displayed in these various containers…I feel like a kid playing store!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 1, 2014.

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