Jewelry storage is the topic of the day…

My collection of jewelry has grown over the years and continues to grow as I make more. I consider all the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and various other bibelots in my cache tiny art objects to be enjoyed whether worn or not.  Rather than tucking pieces away in drawers, I am always on the hunt for suitable displays for my work.  I’ve come up with several solutions.


One idea came from a home improvement store where I bought a metal grid that I had framed. I made tiny hooks using bronze wires that hold each piece in place.  They blend well with my work and can be moved readily as I change out pieces.


I also have several small glass-topped jewelry boxes that hold my treasures!  These boxes came from a hobby store.  They are very useful, although items tend to get a bit tangled now and then!


Earring stands made of polymer clay and recycled dry-cleaning hangers are both decorative and useful as well as being very inexpensive to create!


I purchased this mirror at a craft store.  After painting it and adding Plexiglass leaves at the top and a decorative black design at the base, I created an additional frame of twigs.  The painted twigs are very useful for holding bracelets, chains and earrings.



As for a live display…HRH Princess Peek-a-Boo certainly is a good model!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “Jewelry storage is the topic of the day…”

  1. Hi Barbara..I’ve asked before, but perhaps you did not understand my question. Do you sell what you make, i.e. the Ming bracelets? If yes, what do you charge?
    Thanks much. Love Peek-a-boo in her Ming tiara.
    Jen Fulks

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  2. Yes, Jen, Peek looks rather fetching if I do say so myself…I doubt I would ever be able to get Cooper or Jackson to sit still long enough to model! Although, I do sell some of my metal, polymer clay, and resin jewelry, I do not sell my bead woven pieces…but if I ever decide to I’ll give you first dibs!


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