Am I having fun?

PolymerClay_OceanFlora_UprightView_Ring_edited-2You bet!  I can’t believe I’ve neglected polymer clay and metals for so long.  I’m thrilled to be working with these materials again!  I love mixed media and always have!  It is liberating in contrast to the precision I had become so accustomed to while working with geometric beadwork over the past two years.  I feel like a kid at play, a painter and sculptor, as well as jewelry artist!  I couldn’t be having more fun!  I’m presently creating a collection of organic looking pieces.  I’ve made two rings thus far…both are tiny sculptures that are quite playful and almost cartoon like!  The ring shown in the photo at left is titled “Ocean Flora”.  It measures 22mm in diameter.  I love the colors!  The ring shown in the photo below is titled “Water Lily” and it is a show-stopping 35mm in diameter!  I love how the little bud plays off to the side of the large open flower!  Using 16 gauge steel wire, I designed the hammer-textured shanks to be adjustable to within several ring sizes. Both are amazingly comfortable to wear!  I’m presently wearing them side by side on ring and middle fingers and they look fabulous together!


I can hardly wait to start creating bracelets and cuffs and I have ideas for some really Wow, “knock your socks” off neckpieces! Stay tuned…more to come!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on November 20, 2014.

8 Responses to “Am I having fun?”

  1. Beautiful


  2. Do you sell your horned Ming bracelets? Where? $$ ?


  3. Barbara, you are amazing! The rings are phenomenal!


  4. Stunning!


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