What a dream…

Perhaps I should say nightmare!  Last night I dreamed I was scheduled to teach a beading class (I lack the teaching gene, so that was a nightmare in itself!) in St. Louis and of course, I was concerned about being caught up in the Ferguson event .  For some reason my husband rented the cab of a semi-truck for me to drive there (I can’t imagine being behind the wheel of a big rig!).  I parked at a bus stop and laid out my beaded work on a bench (the elaborate beaded neckpiece was almost finished and was to be entered in a contest when completed).  I then went across the street to get carry out from a restaurant and minutes later when I returned, I discovered the neckpiece was gone (big surprise!).  I proceeded to the bead shop where I was to give the class and I explained that the neckpiece, which served as my demo had been stolen.  The owner of the shop said that was okay as she had many students signed up who were left-handed and needed help…considering I’m right-handed, that would have proved a challenge!  Thankfully, I woke up before the nightmare proceeded!  If I were to analyze this dream, I’d say it was filled with fear as well as loss.  But since I don’t enjoy the process of analysis (I find it tedious and time-consuming and often the results are dead wrong!), I’m thankfully free to shake off the night and start my day anew!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on December 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “What a dream…”

  1. Hi, I live in the St. Louis area and understand your fear. Most of the fear is based on what the media is shoving out at you. I’ve been out and about all weekend, from one end of the city to the other, just doing things that I’ve had planned for months and encountered no problems. I too am a jewelry artist and instructor, and know the fear of showing up to class without the sample. Please, for one moment remember where you are getting your information and all they want is for your to stay tuned and watching their advertisements.

    It’s been crazy in St. Louis. There are only a few that are making problems. They are piggy backing onto a very sad situation to put forward their own agendas. Racism is a real issue and I believe St. Louis will overcome this unfortunate turn of events. Please open your heart. Thank you.


    • What filters through one’s mind in dreamland is beyond our control. I’m sure St. Louis and Ferguson entered into my dream due to media coverage, as it has been ubiquitous. Certainly driving there in the cab of a semi is something that would never happen, and teaching is something I’ve never been comfortable with so that won’t happen either…still dreams (or nightmares) are what they are!


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