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As much as I love beading, I find that I am having a wonderful time rediscovering polymer clay and getting back into metal work!  I feel as if I’ve just reconnected with a long-lost friend and I plan to focus on these materials for some time to come.  With beaded pieces taking so many hours, weeks, and even months to finish, I’m especially loving the immediate gratification of polymer clay!  It is a wonderfully forgiving material…you can just ball it into a wad and start over if you’re not completely thrilled with your working design versus the teasing out of misplaced stitches in beadwork!  The versatility of polymer clay is amazing!  It lends itself beautifully to mixed media, which is my first true love when it comes to art and fine craft.  Metal and polymer clay just seem to go hand in hand!  I’m so enthused, I can hardly contain my excitement!  Pictured above is my “Tropical Flora” ring.  The band is adjustable and made of steel.  I’ve just finished a similar organic-themed polymer clay and metal ring…you can find the tutorial for my “Anemone on Coral” ring in my Etsy shop.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on December 10, 2014.

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