Having fun with the NTAJ!

NTAJ_Bangles_edited-1Granted, these bangles could be formed with a variety of round-nose pliers, but the NTAJ (Now That’s a Jig), makes the process far more predictable and efficient.  The steel wire used in these bangles is 16 gauge and the loops formed along the wire will serve as anchors for Polymer clay adornment.  Steel wire hammer-textures beautifully, is very strong, and work-hardens like a dream!  Having recently made a collection of rings using Polymer clay and steel wire, I’m eager to have a collection of bangles as well!  I’ve written a ring tutorial and I now have a step-by-step bangle tutorial in the works…I’ve finished the portion relating to the creation of the bangle using the NTAJ and will continue as I start adding Polymer clay flora.  Am I having fun?  You bet…I simply adore working in mixed-media!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on December 13, 2014.

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