I may take a pass….

BeadButton2015-showbadge2I’ve previously said that I wouldn’t miss this show for the world, but I’ve just received the 2015 Bead & Button show class catalog and after perusing the classes offered, I’m thinking of sitting this one out. Every year I try to find classes that are held towards the end of the week so I can enjoy the shopping event, which starts Thursday afternoon for registrants. The classes I would be most interested in taking always seem to fall toward the beginning of the week entailing a lengthy stay, which makes attending the show all the more expensive.  In addition, having become proficient at beadwork and having worked with metal for twenty-five years, I’m finding my skills and/or interests surpass the level of the majority of this year’s class offerings…in most instances, I can look at a project photo and easily figure out how the piece was made.  Don’t get me wrong…I’ve taken classes with wonderful artists at previous shows (Anne Mitchell, Marcia DeCoster, Susan Lenart-Kazmer…to name a few) and I’m certainly not discouraging others from signing up!  I’m just saying, this year’s offerings aren’t for me.  I think if I do attend the show, it may just be to shop the floorshow…then again; I have enough stash purchased from previous shows to last for years to come! Perhaps I’ll save myself the long drive to and from Milwaukee, the show registration fee, hotel, parking, and meal expenses, and just stay home with the cats and use the time to work productively in the studio.  I can always order anything I need online!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on December 19, 2014.

2 Responses to “I may take a pass….”

  1. I feel the same way this year. But i have a roomate,, and feel commited. Alot of teachers are sitting this one out to. laura Mcabe, jill wiseman,


    • Yes, I noticed that many teachers who had taught in previous years are taking a break from the show. Knowing how hectic it is to set up and dismantle a classroom and deal with up to twenty students per class, I’m sure some have decided to sit this one out!


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