More hours in a day…please!


Often the business end of art takes far too much time away from the hours required for the creation of art. I have been dying to work in the studio this week, and haven’t had a free moment to do that!  Beading kits need to be assembled for orders that have just come in, supplies must be reordered, tutorials need to be uploaded and emailed (thanks to the EU VAT law conundrum, I’m presently not able to offer instant downloads on Etsy!), and another project has been accepted for publication (more on that in another post!), which entails separating photos from the tutorial text and further editing of photos. All of this has taken up so much of my creative time!  There is also the non-business portion of daily living…would you believe I haven’t even had time to take down the Xmas tree!!!  Meanwhile, ideas for new jewelry pieces are dancing in my head and I have not had time to act on them, which truly frustrates me!  It will all sort itself out and I realize that one can only do so much in a day given that sleep is necessary.  But still, I can’t wait to have a block of time to just be in the studio creating with wild abandon!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 30, 2015.

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