Back in the studio!


I’ve had a delightful vacation, but am glad to be back in the studio. Although I missed the cats terribly, the reprieve from snow was very much appreciated! While Northern California is not terribly warm and sunny in February, it is nevertheless a welcome break from our Midwestern winter!  I’ve been home for several days now, but there is always so much to do upon returning…first and foremost is giving our three kitties tons of love!  Then unpacking suitcases, doing laundry, reactivating listings in my Etsy shop, catching up on snail mail, and everything else that piled up while I was away. I’m eager to finish the bead-embroidered cuff (shown above) that I’d been working on while on vacation.  It has seashells made of polymer clay and a focal cabochon made of resin.  I also have some great ideas for polymer clay earrings that I’m dying to play with. And I want to make some mixed media brooches!  More hours please!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on February 25, 2015.

2 Responses to “Back in the studio!”

  1. you totally rock. this is the style of things I dream of making ..someday


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