With the money I’ve saved…


By not going to Bead & Button this year, I’m able to upgrade some of my jewelry-making tools!  Having perused the Fretz tools webpages on OttoFrei.com, I succumbed to this set of beautiful texturing hammers and other assorted jewelry-making accouterments.  Aren’t they gorgeous!  Each hammer is a finely crafted beauty worthy of display!  The sculpted handles, made of African Padauk, (a type of Rosewood) fit my hand so well and the stainless steel heads are smooth and polished to a high shine.  The weight and balance of each hammer is perfection!  Creating projects with these will be an absolute joy!  Bill Fretz designs gorgeous forming stakes as well, which I’ve been coveting for some time…and now they’re mine!  Bill has made several instructional DVDs, which are beyond excellent. Being primarily self-taught in jewelry making, I rely heavily on instructional DVDs to learn “hands-on” techniques, and I can tell you that Bill Fretz is a great teacher…I’m learning so much from him!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 16, 2015.

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