The cleanup of my workbench is completed and I’m ready to start creating with metal again! I’ve made some recent tool and equipment purchases (beautiful Fretz hammer and stake sets!) and I really haven’t much space left in the metals studio so I’m particularly happy with the economical and space-saving solution I came up with!


I purchased two 30” tall sturdy solid oak stools that sit in a corner of the studio next to my roll mill. They are the perfect height for me when I need to do a lot of hammering. My workbench is 40” high…too high for prolonged periods of hammering. I’m petite and hammering at that height leads to shoulder and arm injury. I’ve wrapped a suede work apron around the legs of one stool…it has pockets that conveniently hold my Fretz PrecisionSmith hammers, which are smaller than those I store on the pegboard above my workbench.  I’ve drilled holes in the top of the stool for attachment of the stake holders.  The other stool serves primarily as storage for items that would otherwise take up space on my workbench.  I’ve placed cigar boxes filled with smaller tools on the rungs.  Because the stools are portable, I just move the working stool to the center of the room and hammer away!  And look who jumped over the gate I use to keep the cats out of the studio…Jackson, you little rascal!


~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 19, 2015.

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