Upcycling bicycle chain…


I just love using found objects in my work!  I truly don’t remember where I found this bicycle gear chain, but I do remember that it was unpleasantly sticky with grease.  After a soak and some scrubbing in detergent, it came clean.  With the addition of a sterling hook and eye closure, the 13” length of chain fits me perfectly when worn as a choker!  It appeals to my fondness for all things mechanical…I’m fascinated with gears and clock parts and similar items!  And it’s such a versatile piece!  Who would think it would pair so well with a seed bead bezeled crystal piece such as my “Crystal Charm Drop Pendant”, but it does!  I want to make other pendants to wear on this chain, perhaps a very long drop made of hammer-textured silver or bronze wire that attaches to a hollow-formed metal bead…something very stark and contemporary.   And maybe a long, narrow wire cage that holds a large crystal.  An entire wardrobe of interchangeable pendants would be such fun to make and wear! I can hardly wait to start!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 22, 2015.

6 Responses to “Upcycling bicycle chain…”

  1. Sweet! I love the bicycle chain and the pendant just compliments the chain. How unique!


  2. So cool and clever. How did you do the clasp?


  3. What an interesting combination between the bicycle gear chain and the elegant pendant! I just love it!


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