Now that I’m using set stones again in my work…

Gem Stones - Organizers

I’ve realized that I need more organization. For years I had been storing numerous packets of both tiny and large cabochons and cramming them into several narrow drawers in my workbench. It really became frustrating when looking for a particular type, color, and size stone…lots of shuffling with tiny plastic bags flying all over. I had to put an end to the chaos so I ordered tiny clear plastic jars with foam inserts that allow me to see instantly the color, size, and type of stone I’m looking for. The foam inserts protect the stones and keep them in place. Granted, I don’t use highly expensive gemstones in my work, but I do want to protect my semi-precious cabochons and faceted stones from wear and tear while they are stored. I also wanted to make the sorting of calibrated bezels easier too. I came across a compartmentalized tray that I had at one time used to store small craft items. The clear back allows me to record the size and price of each bezel and easily see the bezel type I’m looking for. Working with stones would have been so much easier if I had organized these items long ago…I’m glad I finally did!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 2, 2015.

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