September is my favorite month of the year…

Fretz Jewelry-Making Tools

Summer heat is transitioning into warm days and cool nights with the onset of autumn. The green leaves of summer have begun their transformation to intense shades of gold, red, and rust. Even the air seems to have a different scent…a crispness that is sometimes permeated with the essence of smoke from wood-burning fireplaces. I love September and all it’s glory! It is also my birth month and being a supreme hedonist, I treat myself well! I’ve given myself a gift of several new Fretz hammers and the latest DVDs by Bill Fretz along with forming stakes to make the cuffs he demonstrates. Bill is a wonderful instructor and as far as I’m concerned, Fretz hammers and stakes are the Mercedes of jewelry-making tools…top quality, wonderful to work with, and sculpturally magnificent! Incredibly smooth handles fit the palm of one’s hand so well and the weight and balance of each hammer-head make striking metal an absolute joy! The stakes are equally gorgeous…heavy, shiny, smooth-surfaced. If jewelry-making tools could be described as sensuous, these tools definitely are!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 13, 2015.

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