Fit for a Sea Goddess…

Bead Emroidery with Polymer Clay Seashells and Resin focal - Amphitrite’s Cuff

I’ve been working on this design for much longer than anticipated, but my bead embroidered “Amphitrite’s Cuff” is finally finished and ready to wear! I began the project nine months ago while on vacation and it had languished in a drawer partially finished because there were always other projects that wanted attention. I also tend to save beadwork for travel these days because it so lightweight and portable whereas working with metal is definitely not!

Bead Emroidery - Amphitrite’s Cuff

The focal cabochon at the center of this cuff is from my collection of “Cosmic Cabochons”…it is made of resin that I poured into a mold and filled with inclusions; a pearl, gold foil, tiny chips of turquoise, glass shards, and a sparkly hint of “fairy dust” (a.k.a ultra-fine glitter). Various seed, dagger, and Delica beads surround the resin cabochon. Embellished with large Keishi and other pearls as well as colorful faux seashells made of polymer clay, the cuff fastens securely with several ball and socket clasps. I know I will enjoy wearing this cuff!


~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 13, 2015.

2 Responses to “Fit for a Sea Goddess…”

  1. Beautiful cuff!


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