And now for something completely different…

Marine Life Bead Embroidered Brooch - Black-Green Tones Beauty Shot

Just kidding! I’m still having fun with the “Marine Life” brooch design. This black-lime-green rendition is the latest. Several kits in this color combination are now listed in my Etsy shop along with red-lime-blue and aqua-lime-lavender colourways. If you want just the tutorial, you’ll find it there as well. Although this brooch is primarily a bead-embroidered piece, there is a bit of geometric beadwork surrounding the beaded bezel, which creates tiny peaks that are adorned by Magatama beads!

I plan to make one more in cool blue and lavender tones with some interesting modifications before moving on to something else. Several projects require my attention. This weekend will be devoted to assembling two more carts that will be used for more bead storage (it’s probably time to start destashing, but I’m not there yet!). I also haven’t worked with metal clay in quite a while and need to make more bronze components for my “Tide Pool” and “Bollywood Bling” beading kits. And I want to create more resin cabochons for use in bead embroidery. Oh, I so wish there were more hours in a day!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 13, 2016.

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