In Progress…

I started working on these geometric beads several months ago and as often happens, they were placed in the UFO bin while I worked on other projects and then went on vacation.  I’ve decided that these multi-colored dimensional triangle, square, and pentagonal beads (each measuring just slightly under an inch in size and composed of eight to twelve different colors) will be used in a bracelet.  Brightly colored Czech 6mm Druk beads will be implemented as well.  At this point I haven’t decided on the clasp treatment.  I’m leaning towards creating a sterling silver wire-wrapped toggle-clasp upon which I may or may not float several color-coordinated beads. Or I may use polymer clay to create a brightly colored multi-layered clasp.  I’ll decide after I have completed all the beads.  When the project is finished, I’ll begin writing the step-by-step project tutorial.  I’ve already taken well over fifty photos showing the progress of a triangle, square, and pentagonal bead from start to finish.  When the tutorial is finished, I’ll be assembling beading kits…I’m guessing another three to four weeks will be required before the tutorials and kits are listed in my Etsy shop, but I guarantee the end result will be worth the wait!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on July 1, 2018.

8 Responses to “In Progress…”

  1. Hi Barbara,

    You have me down TWICE to receive your emails. Would you like to remove ONE of them.



  2. Another Marilyn here… These little beads are just wonderful, Barbara!! I want to hold them so badly but will stand in line waiting for the tutorial and kit. I haven’t beaded for ages, but these little guys are definitely inspiring.


  3. Can’t wait. I love all of your geometric projects!


  4. Ooh these are going to be so delicious! I can just see them displayed next to your geometrical earrings, which my customers love! Can’t wait to get my beading itchy fingers on the pattern!


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