Do You Remember This Piece?

The results I’ve been waiting for are in!  I entered my “Fleurs et Papillons” Bead-Embroidered Cuff in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 2018 Creative Clays Contest last February and this past week the package I had been eagerly awaiting arrived! Inside was my cuff, two photos, and a gift certificate award! Hot dog! With hand surgery scheduled this week and no beading or other work allowed while my hand heals, I’ll be perusing the FMG online catalog and shopping for jewelry-making goodies! BTW…you can find the kit and tutorial for this design in my Etsy shop!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 22, 2018.

4 Responses to “Do You Remember This Piece?”

  1. Oh Nooooo!!!

    Hand surgery! – Good golly. I hope you’ll be OK and that surgery will help you feel better.

    Al is facing serious hand surgery, as well. His arthritis is beginning to be disfiguring. He has no cartilage left in his knuckles, and cysts keep forming. One was persistently infected and it took two rounds of Antibiotics to kill the infection. (It’s dangerous bc the cysts are rooted in the bone and infection leads to the risk of life-threatening sepsis.)

    The surgeon wants to do hand-surgery to fuse the DIP finger-joints together. Thankfully we’re only talking the right (picking) hand, and only the end joints. Al has discovered that he does most of his guitar-picking with the middle-joints in his fingers. Still, the thought is pretty terrifying for a musician (and you, an artist, too!) so we’re trying to put surgery off, for now. After I asked about delaying the decision, the surgeon admitted that sometimes the wait-and-see approach is just fine and merited because the arthritic bones tend to fuse themselves over time.

    Ugh. Getting old sucks.

    Thinking of you and hoping that surgery goes well and that you’ll heal quickly and be off to beading in 3 seconds flat!

    Much Love,

    Amy White

    Sent from my iPad – (so please forgive the goofy typos)



    • Oh goodness, Amy. Al’s condition is much worse than mine. I’m just having carpal tunnel surgery. I had the right hand done in 1986 and it went well. I’ve had no trouble with the right hand since. My left hand will take a few weeks to mend and then I’ll be back to beading, etc., but it’s amazing how much we use our hands without thinking about them! I’m starting to get arthritis in my fingers and the knuckles are becoming more prominent. Yes, getting old is not fun and as Bette Davis said “not for sissies.”


  2. Oh no! That’s bad news, I hope that it is healing surgery and you will be just fine afterwards. I have Dupuytren’s Contracture in my right hand, but it is a slow growth and so far isn’t causing me any problems.
    I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Have fun shopping @FMG and congrats on the award.


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