Cry Me A River…

After creating triangles, squares, warped squares, pentagons, and pointed oval earrings, it is time to experiment with teardrops. My inspiration for this design is Egyptian artifacts and I have titled these earrings “Princess Ahmanet’s Teardrop Earrings”.  Both pairs are made with Delica Hex Cut beads for the extra sparkle the faceted beads impart. Aside from colors used the only difference in the two pairs of earrings is the bead count along the vertical sides and the optional gold bead embellishment at  the tip of the teardrops shown in the Royal Blues Colourway. The backs of both pairs of earrings differ in color from the front so one can decide which side is preferred to wear facing forward. I’ve antiqued the sterling silver earwires to better blend with the bronze and gold beads that were used as well as the ancient look I wanted the earrings to have. A tutorial is in the works and beading kits should be ready and listed in my Etsy shop by the weekend…stay tuned!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 30, 2019.

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