More Clay Play…

Beads are such fun to make!  Rolling clay into round, cone, oblong and other shaped beads, extruding long tube beads that can be sliced into narrow heishi disks, and creating the look of natural stone and marble that weighs far less than the real thing is a huge plus!  It’s such a relaxing, zen-inducing process that I just keep making and adding them to my cache of creative components (you’ll find several collections of polymer clay beads  in my Etsy shop later this week).
Aside from several spacer beads made of ostrich egg shell and an oxidized sterling silver twig that I cast in a jewelry-making class several years ago (there is a 2mm opal set in 14k gold at the top of twig), this neckpiece is composed entirely of beads made with polymer clay. Strung on a silver-plated brass neckring with a balled end that can be unscrewed, I have the option of switching out components should I change my mind and wish to add different beads at a later time.  Because I am petite and just a tad over 5′ in height, I favor neckrings and collars over long necklaces, which tend to wear me rather than the other way around!  They also look great worn with jewel and boat-necked clothing and they don’t get caught up on equipment when I’m working in the studio.  Next up, I think I’ll make some faux jasper or lapis lazuli, or jade beads!  Or maybe faux ivory or beach glass, or…gosh, you can duplicate the look of so many natural materials with polymer clay.  It’s mind boggling!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on May 20, 2019.

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