I Never Thought I’d Be Saying This, But…

I LOVE steel wire!  The blue-black flashing that results with torching contrasts with silver and bronze so beautifully and hammered textures look wonderful.  And the cost of steel wire is far less than precious metals so one can afford to make mistakes without breaking the bank!  Shown above are my recent efforts.  The three-part neckpiece was designed to relieve tension that is placed on the wire each time the neckpiece is put on and taken off.  I think it adds an element of interest as well.  The three steel sections are joined by ball rivets of Argentium Sterling Silver.  I’ve made a textured sterling silver carnelian pendant as the focal piece, but I can interchange numerous other pendants to wear on it making it a very versatile piece indeed! FYI…I’m offering the steel neckpiece (without component and pendant) in my Etsy shop and it is available in 16″ and 18″ lengths in two join styles (Argentium Silver ball rivet join and Argentium Sterling Silver jump rings).  Shown at left, the neckpiece looks great with a Geometric beadwoven oval component that I’ve made from my “Geometric Oval Component Drop Earrings” tutorial using Delica beads in a slightly different color combination (The beading kit for this oval component is also available).  I’ve created an elongated steel hoop from which to hang this pendant, although a large jump ring would work as well.  As for the bangles, each  of the five sports various components and/or charms that I’ve made using fine and sterling silver, bronze metal clay, bronze wire, and polymer clay and found objects.  I intend to make many more bangles…I love to wear them stacked on my wrist!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 30, 2019.

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