I’m off to take a three-day workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer!  I know I will learn so much!  Friday will be spent doing a full day of enameling.  Years ago I worked with sifted hard enamels and created cloisonné pieces fired in a kiln, but she’ll be teaching techniques in torch firing on copper using liquid enamels and sgraffito.  I love the idea of watching a piece magically transform from a dull painted surface to a colorful object during the torch-firing process!  The following two days will be spent exploring and building cage-like bezel forms using an open form technique created from forged wire to encase the enamel components we’ve created or optional stone druzy or other objects if we wish.   Looking at Susan’s photo (above) you’ll get an idea of what we’ll be doing…really fun stuff!  I love the paddle-like sterling silver prongs on the above pieces!  I’ll be coming back to my studio filled with new ideas and inspiration!  It always happens after I’ve taken a class from Susan!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 12, 2019.

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