Fretz Hammers for Steelwork

That’s a slang term for inebriated, but in this case I’m referring to feeling intoxicated by just looking at these architectural and stunningly beautiful Fretz hammers specifically designed for use on steel sheet and wire.  Collaboratively designed by Brenda Schweder and William Fretz, not only do they serve as hammers, but they also have built-in stakes at the ends of the handles for use in texturing, forming, tempering and fold-forming! I love jewelry-making tools and have a large assortment of Fretz hammers with gorgeous rosewood handles that are intended for use with non-ferrous metals (silver, gold, copper and other soft metals).  Steel is an incredibly hard metal and would easily damage and ding tools made specifically for softer metals.  As I have recently been doing a lot of metal work making bangles and neck rings of steel, these hammers will get a lot of use!  These beauties are available in Brenda Schweder’s Etsy shop.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 12, 2019.

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