There’s a Saying…

Less is sometimes more.  The silver pendant shown above is a large, rather heavy and substantial piece and the 24″ double link chain carries the weight beautifully. What this necklace doesn’t need is a lot of fussy additions that would create a distraction. Measuring 65mm x 40mm x 15mm, the textured bezel holds a chunk of petrified wood surrounded by a narrow boarder of resin faux druzy.  The orbs that surround the bezel are all the decoration that is called for.  I’ve titled this piece “Castle Rock” because it has a medieval theme.
However, I think that depending on the piece, sometimes more is much better!  Case in point; the “Magpie Treasure” fetish necklace that I made over a year ago started with just three charm components hanging at the bottom…the deer antler, a resin faux peridot crystal, and a fine silver bellflower.  Since then, I’ve gradually added more charms, one or two at a time rearranging each charm for balance.  A silver pod and a small silver branch that I made in a casting class years ago came next, followed several months later by a cast silver twig and a carved horn raven’s head. And now with the addition of a tiny silver ladder that I fabricated some thirty years ago and another cast twig the necklace is now complete.  I’ve enjoyed every facet of making this piece.  The history as well as the energy that went into the creation of each charm makes this a very special necklace and I wear it almost every day.  It goes well with almost every garment I own and I like to think it brings me good luck!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 29, 2020.

2 Responses to “There’s a Saying…”

  1. Love your work! Jealous of your bead stash! Just like you, I go back to beading after working for too long with metal. The colors fill my soul.


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