While Working On The New Earring Design…

I’ve gotten sidetracked. Perhaps you remember a cuff I designed several years ago titled “Modular Concept”?  I retired the kit some time ago.  The original kit included a handmade bronze metal clay clasp, but I started to have problems with firing the metal clay and large pieces were simply not as strong as I needed them to be.  The tutorial for this piece has always been very popular, but this past week I had a request from a customer as to whether I would be willing to make the beading kit available again. So I’ve decided to bring the kit out of retirement and I’ve substituted a clasp made of metallic bronze polymer clay for the original metal clay clasp…the new polymer clasp included with the beading kit is shown in the top photo.   Not only is the new clasp very attractive and functional, but pretty much indestructible!  If you happen to drop the clasp and accidentally step on it (as I did with the original metal clay clasp I used in the prototype!) the new clasp will not break or chip.  You can find the beading kit in my Etsy shop.  Now, back to work on my new Geometric beaded earrings design!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 24, 2020.

2 Responses to “While Working On The New Earring Design…”

  1. What is the stitch on your project? Also, do you have a picture of the lock?



  2. It’s Square Stitch, Marilyn. The clasp is shown in the kit photo.


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