How Do You Store Your Jewelry?

Drawers?  Boxes?  Hanging from the wall?  I store my jewelry in and on all of these, but the pieces that I wear most are always visible!  Colorful beaded pieces brighten my mood and put a smile on my face so I want them to be in plain sight where I can enjoy them!  I collect baskets and have found they are the perfect “catch all” for all matter of paraphernalia.  I found these baskets in a shop while on vacation in Kauai and have discovered that the narrow rims serve well for hanging earrings as the ear wires slip easily onto them.  In this case function and beauty go hand in hand!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 28, 2020.

4 Responses to “How Do You Store Your Jewelry?”

  1. I’ve got baskets, plastic trays from TV dinners, anything! But after 30 years of beading, I’ve amassed vast quantities!


  2. I collect baskets too. I have baskets for sea shells, sea glass, stones, jewelry, watch bands, dog toys, candles (for show only), and some just because I like them. I have Native American made baskets, African made baskets, antique picnic baskets, my Grandmother’s crochet basket, a basket made from a pastry cutter, wire baskets and a basket of plastic flowers my husband gave me 46 years ago.
    My jewelry is stored in baskets, on a tree, in 2 vintage boxes and an armoire.


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