A Fly in the Ointment…

Wouldn’t it be lovely if upgrading to a new computer were a seamless operation?  In a perfect world, it would be.  Fairy tales aside, sadly that’s not what happens.  I just replaced my old desktop computer and in upgrading to the new device some software applications were lost…the ones that I use most and depend upon for creating my tutorials.  Gone are my Photoshop and Word programs.  Neither are supported by iOS Catalina.  And iPhoto has been retired and replaced with a new Photos program that won’t open for some reason.  Alerts pop up telling me the program will not open because of a problem but with no instruction regarding what the problem is and how to fix it!  I’ve spent days hunting for solutions, trying to come up with alternatives, and trying my best not to become so frustrated that I break down and cry…we know that doesn’t solve anything!  As for Word, I truly dislike the new rental only plan Microsoft now has where you have to pay big bucks every year to continue using the software.  Every Word document I have in my files now shows up in Pages and any format Word used that Pages doesn’t support is unavailable.  I find that Pages isn’t as user friendly as Word and certainly doesn’t have all the ‘bells and whistles’ that Word has, but I can get by with it if I have to.  It’s the photos that I’m most concerned about.  I really would prefer not having to purchase another $600 Photoshop program.  In any event, the beading project that I’ve been diligently working on over this past month is on hold until I get things sorted out on my computer.  As Roseann Rosanadana said, “It’s always something”!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on July 14, 2020.

5 Responses to “A Fly in the Ointment…”

  1. Aren’t your photos in the cloud?

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  2. Cloud isn’t responding because of some glitch. I’m hoping the reinstall will rectify matters.


  3. You don’t (or can’t, depending on your point of view) have to buy Photoshop anymore. Adobe now only provides the program via subscription, which is $10.00 a month for the basic (Photoshop only) requirement. My sister, who is a semi-pro photographer, has been using this model for several years and says it is far better than buying the annual upgrade. She always has the current version of the program and never has to think about it. But you *might* want to hold off on it, unless you use the layer tools in Photoshop. The adjustment tools in Apple’s Photo application are pretty darn good and I use them over Photoshop all the time. You may also want to explore Pages, which has far superior layout capabilities than Word (I know, I know – learning curve).

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    • Thank you, Lita. I think Apple’s Photo will work for me as it looks like it will meet all my requirements. I’ve used Pages, but always fell back on Word because I was so familiar with it…yes, learning curve for sure! I’m going to try a reinstall and am keeping my fingers crossed that everything works as it should.


  4. Very frustrating! Computers are not set up for the convenience of non-geeks like us!

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