Serenity NOW!!!

That’s what George Costanza’s father would yell on ‘Seinfeld’ when life’s trials became too much for him.  I know this feeling all too well of late.  This past week has been fraught with tension…we had workmen coming and going and installation of new devices accompanied by technical difficulties and a general feeling of anxiety and discord has permeated my every waking moment. Whatever sleep I have had came in fitful stops and starts.  Adding to my aggravation packages containing items ordered for the beading project I have been trying to complete have not arrived because USPS Mail is being purposely delayed these days.  With staggering numbers of rising cases and deaths due to the pandemic as well as political shenanigans and corruption, I have stopped watching the news as it adds to my feeling of unease.  Perhaps the stars aren’t aligned in the heavens in conjunction with planets or a full moon…who knows? But my psyche requires less turmoil.  I’m hoping that after this coming week, which will prove to be equally challenging, life here will slow down a bit and be on a more even keel.  Perhaps I won’t feel like shouting, “Stop the world…I want to get off!”

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 2, 2020.

2 Responses to “Serenity NOW!!!”

  1. You are NOT alone!

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  2. Amen!

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